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Funeral Transportation in Clearwater FL

In this time of need, when you need to decompress, let me take care of your transportation needs.

When a loved one has passed, you don’t need to fight with traffic. Let me and my fellow colleagues do that for you. We are professionally licensed and permitted as limousine operators and our Level 2 backgrounds along with fingerprinting have been performed by the St. Petersburg Police and Hillsborough County Sheriff Departments and done in person.   

We will be glad to provide services for you in Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, St. Petersburg or even Tampa. 

I will pick you up at your door in the above pictured black Chevrolet suburban (7 guest capacity)  and return you to your door afterwards. Or you may pick from one of, or all of our other available vehicles as pictured below.

We are laid back and relaxed. No stressors. 

We also have white Lincoln town cars available as pictured below. 

Call me and I will be glad to answer any of your questions. Or you may go HERE to view our online booking form and rates.

We aren’t big and fancy….just really good… :-)!

Let us take care of YOU today.

Thank you, Lance Greene Mobile# 727-288-1545


Available vehicles are pictured below:













Flying Into Tampa Bay/St. Pete FL?

Hello to you!

Are you planning to fly into the Tampa Bay Area?

I can pick you up or I will arrange with one of our other 10 capable drivers/Chauffeurs to do so if I am busy.

$65 for 1-4 passengers and $85 for 5-7 passengers and luggage

**4 passengers with excessive luggage will require a SUV at the $85 rate

That is our typical fare from the Tampa International Airport to Pinellas County Beaches such as:

St. Pete Beach FL, Treasure Island FL, Madeira Beach FL, Redington Beach FL, Indian Rocks Beach FL.

Are you going to the Carillon area? That fare is $45 – $55 depending on where you are going, just ask and I will tell you the fare upfront.

Please also ask on pricing for the Tampa FL area

No surprises and No Surge Pricing! Our Pricing is in print, in black & white.

I even carry complimentary cold beverages and snacks. If you need something specific please ask when booking.

We will meet and greet you in the Main Terminal or pick you up at curbside which ever you prefer.

Give me a call today or email me and lets get you to the beaches! :-)!

We are affiliated with a long time local transportation company that has been in business 35 years, BATS Taxi & Town Car Company of St. Pete Beach.  See us on TripAdvisor!

We are properly licensed, insured and have Level 2 Backgrounds checked which means we have been blueprinted and a thorough background check performed by the Hillsborough County Sheriff and St. Petersburg FL Police Departments.

Thank you, 

Lance Greene – Professional Driver TC#6 – Available 24/7/365

Mobile #: 727-288-1545


Suburban Town Car


 white bats logo

50th Anniversary Dinner

I recently had the privilege of providing transportation to Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa, FL for a couple celebrating their 50th Anniversary
It was indeed a special night for them
Below is a picture of how I set up the car for them inside.
Special flowers they liked
A favorite treat
And an Adult Beverage or two
Went to three different merchants to obtain the items
I can do the same for YOU
Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Frida’s Cafe & Bakery, Largo FL
Bird’s of Paradise from The Flower Market Clearwater, FL
Fre Sparkling Wine & Martini & Rossi Asti from Total Wine & Spirits Clearwater, FL
All Complimentary
They had a really nice evening – So Will You :)






Reach Me on My Direct Mobile:

Available 24/7


Lance Greene

Level 2 Background Checked and approved by Hillsborough County Sheriff and St. Petersburg Police Departments

FLIBS – IB Quarterly Meetings & Workshops 2015/2016

                                Will you be attending the FLIBS                                    Quarterly Meetings and/or the IB Workshops in 2015 2016?
(The Florida Association of IB World Schools)


Hello to you at flibs,
BATS Taxi & Towncar Service would like to congratulate you on your 2015/2016 IB Workshops and Quarterly Meetings being held at the Tradewinds Island Grand Resort in St. Pete Beach Florida beginning on September 17th and continuing through December 2016.  
BATS is headquartered just blocks away from the Tradewinds Island Grand Resort and has provided extensive Taxi & Towncar services on St. Pete Beach for over 30 years. You most likely already are very familiar with our taxi services. Did You Know that we also have Professional Luxury Towncar Services at excellent rates?
When your attendees arrive at Tampa International Airport or St. Pete/Clearwater Airport, BATS would love to be there to transport everyone safely to your conference or any sightseeing they may want to do. 
Our Professionally Driven, Luxury Towncars will pick up your attendees at Tampa International Airport(TPA) or St. Pete/Clearwater Airport(PIE) and safely transport them to the Tradewinds Island Grand Resort. We can also return them to the airports when they leave to go home for the same price. 
$55.00 = 1-4 passengers in a Luxury Towncar (Towncar/SUV is Required for pickups at TPA – Tampa International Airport)
$85.00 = 5-7 passengers in a Luxury SUV  to or from Tampa International Airport (TPA)
$55.00 = 1-7 passengers in a Luxury Towncar or SUV to or from St. Pete/Clearwater Airport (PIE)
$39.00 = 1-5 passengers in a Sedan Taxi or Minivan Taxi to or from St. Pete/Clearwater Airport(PIE)
If you have any questions please feel free to call me directly. 
Thank you for choosing St. Pete Beach for your 2015/2016 IB Meetings and Workshops! BATS looks forward to serving your transportation needs. It is easy to reserve your pickup, simply call our Airport Pickup Reservation Line below or Reserve Online at 
BATS Taxi Dispatch Line: 727-367-3702
Reserve Online:
**Please Note: Our Professional Luxury Towncar & SUV drivers are licensed to provide transportation in both Tampa, Florida(Hillsborough) and Pinellas Counties, are Level 2 background checked by the Hillsborough County Sheriff and St. Petersburg Florida Police departments. Our BATS Taxi drivers backgrounds are performed by the St. Petersburg Police Department also.

Thank You!

Lance Greene  Direct Mobile#: 727-288-1545

BATS​ Taxi & Town Car Service​  (727) 360-2820

5201 Gulf Blvd  St Pete Beach, Fl 33706

My hopes for you today: That you take time to laugh. That business or work has been good for you today. That someone has made your day enjoyable.  :-))!
Thank You!

No Shows At Tampa Airport….Or Anywhere

Have you ever perhaps ordered a car service or taxi to pick you up at the airport or any location and then simply not show up without calling and cancelling your order?

We all understand, things happen

Maybe you miss your flight, or decided to ride with a friend

Or maybe even decided to take a different flight AND ride with a friend, or another service.

Simply put, maybe your plans simply changed.

That is OK.


Here is what happens when you “No-Show” a driver

The driver most likely drove quite aways to pick you up, in many cases it could be over 20 miles, especially here in Pinellas County Florida when picking you up at the Tampa International Airport.

In addition, that driver may have waited at the airport for you for over an hour, way over an hour.

When you do not show up, without calling to cancel, that driver now has spent 30-40 minutes driving to pick you up, waited for you for at least one hour, possibly had to pay a minimum of $4.00 in parking, possibly paid tolls, and spent the gas to get there.

Now, he/she drives back to where they came from….in our case home or another part of the city from a previous order.  Either way it is a long way back and all we did was spend time and money.

Bottom Line?

Please Please Please…..

We all understand, things happen…..

Please be considerate and call and cancel if you do not need your driver to pick you up as planned. It will help us greatly and we will actually appreciate it!

IF you do not….quite honestly the only one you are hurting is the driver


A Grand Privilege

Yesterday was one of the reminders for why I love what I am doing as a career.  I used to operate my own non-profit mobile crisis unit helping those in need.  I was pretty bummed when I closed the non-profit down in 2013.  I knew I would continue helping others but I did not know in what capacity.

Driving others has enabled me to help others in a much different and awesome manner that it is very difficult to explain……the easiest way to do so is to say that I am able to help others in a much much more low key, pleasant and peaceful way all while having a blast.

How awesome is that?

So, yesterday I received a call from our dispatch to go to All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL to pick up a 10 yr old special needs boy and his father. They were due to check out in 15 minutes. I was 30 minutes away.  I left my house immediately, put the car in drive and did not waste any time getting there. I couldn’t wait to be of service to this family.  Seriously. 

The morning became overwhelming quickly…..I have come to expect this…..its a good overwhelming, not a bad one.

When I arrived at the hospital the young boy and his Dad were sitting outside…..the boy had only his hospital gown on…..he had had a rough night the night before…..they were both very tired and stressed.

I intentionally had soothing quiet music on when I pulled up to the hospital…..just so happens the boy likes Beethoven etc. Perfect!

Both got in my car and I asked the father if the music would be ok. He stated it would and then the boy started saying “radio, radio”…….I had cd’s in.  So the father asked me to maybe turn it off. I did.

The boy once again started calling out……”radio, radio”…….so his father asked me to turn it back on. I did.

The boy sat quiet in the back all the way home to Dade City. He talked a bit and mentioned things here and there and smiled a lot.  :)  I could tell the father was relieved…..I now knew I had done the first part of my job.  Put my customers at ease.

The father and I spoke in length on the way bringing them home about those with special needs.  It was very cool to hear how much he cared about his son. I was in heaven. What a gift I thought to be able to help someone after a very stressful event in their lives. They had been “transported” via emergency transportation 3 days ago to the hospital and the father hadn’t gotten much sleep in that time and the boy was more than ready to go home. 

So again, I did not waste any time getting them home and what a beautiful area that Dade City is. 

The young boy called out…..”Moms Car!!” as we came into the driveway.  He was excited.

I called out to the young boy and said good-bye to him….he waved with a big smile…..he was home.

When the father returned after getting his son settled inside he said to me in an extremely sincere tone a couple of times…….

“Thank you for taking care of my son”…………..I told him….”Thank you for allowing me to.”  When he said it again in conversation as we stood in his driveway…….I stated……”Thank you for that Privilege.”

I meant it.

It was a massive pleasure and ……”A Grand Privilege”

How awesome is that…….what a way to spend the day I thought……and then the overwhelming tears came as I pulled away…..tears of appreciation to be doing something I love and being able to still help and make a difference in others lives. When you are a professional driver there is a great deal to be concentrating on other than simply driving. It took all my skills on this one and I loved every second of it.

My spiritual side says…Thank you God!


P.S. a side note: When you are involved in any form with someone that is a “special needs” individual such as autism, traumatic brain injury and others, I have found if you do NOT treat them like they have what we term as a disability, you will get much better results in communicating and interacting with them. After all, maybe WE are the ones with the disability….:)