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A Grand Privilege

Yesterday was one of the reminders for why I love what I am doing as a career.  I used to operate my own non-profit mobile crisis unit helping those in need.  I was pretty bummed when I closed the non-profit down in 2013.  I knew I would continue helping others but I did not know in what capacity.

Driving others has enabled me to help others in a much different and awesome manner that it is very difficult to explain……the easiest way to do so is to say that I am able to help others in a much much more low key, pleasant and peaceful way all while having a blast.

How awesome is that?

So, yesterday I received a call from our dispatch to go to All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL to pick up a 10 yr old special needs boy and his father. They were due to check out in 15 minutes. I was 30 minutes away.  I left my house immediately, put the car in drive and did not waste any time getting there. I couldn’t wait to be of service to this family.  Seriously. 

The morning became overwhelming quickly…..I have come to expect this…..its a good overwhelming, not a bad one.

When I arrived at the hospital the young boy and his Dad were sitting outside…..the boy had only his hospital gown on…..he had had a rough night the night before…..they were both very tired and stressed.

I intentionally had soothing quiet music on when I pulled up to the hospital…..just so happens the boy likes Beethoven etc. Perfect!

Both got in my car and I asked the father if the music would be ok. He stated it would and then the boy started saying “radio, radio”…….I had cd’s in.  So the father asked me to maybe turn it off. I did.

The boy once again started calling out……”radio, radio”…….so his father asked me to turn it back on. I did.

The boy sat quiet in the back all the way home to Dade City. He talked a bit and mentioned things here and there and smiled a lot.  :)  I could tell the father was relieved…..I now knew I had done the first part of my job.  Put my customers at ease.

The father and I spoke in length on the way bringing them home about those with special needs.  It was very cool to hear how much he cared about his son. I was in heaven. What a gift I thought to be able to help someone after a very stressful event in their lives. They had been “transported” via emergency transportation 3 days ago to the hospital and the father hadn’t gotten much sleep in that time and the boy was more than ready to go home. 

So again, I did not waste any time getting them home and what a beautiful area that Dade City is. 

The young boy called out…..”Moms Car!!” as we came into the driveway.  He was excited.

I called out to the young boy and said good-bye to him….he waved with a big smile…..he was home.

When the father returned after getting his son settled inside he said to me in an extremely sincere tone a couple of times…….

“Thank you for taking care of my son”…………..I told him….”Thank you for allowing me to.”  When he said it again in conversation as we stood in his driveway…….I stated……”Thank you for that Privilege.”

I meant it.

It was a massive pleasure and ……”A Grand Privilege”

How awesome is that…….what a way to spend the day I thought……and then the overwhelming tears came as I pulled away…..tears of appreciation to be doing something I love and being able to still help and make a difference in others lives. When you are a professional driver there is a great deal to be concentrating on other than simply driving. It took all my skills on this one and I loved every second of it.

My spiritual side says…Thank you God!


P.S. a side note: When you are involved in any form with someone that is a “special needs” individual such as autism, traumatic brain injury and others, I have found if you do NOT treat them like they have what we term as a disability, you will get much better results in communicating and interacting with them. After all, maybe WE are the ones with the disability….:)





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Lance Greene – BATS Towncar #7


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Firestone Grand Prix 2015 – St. Petersburg FL

First of all, my congrats goes out to…….. 

Juan Pablo Montoya wins Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

On Saturday 3/28/2015 I was blessed with the opportunity to pu a Media representative at the Tampa International Airport and bring him to the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.  MAN I loved it!

I got to go inside the pit areas where all the cars, trucks, drivers etc were.

In a word….awesome!

I could have spent all day there, but I simply could not as I had other customers to pick up. But while I was there I grabbed a couple pics!

The St. Petersburg Police were helpful as always! Thank you!



She Said YES!! :-))!

Yep!  She said Yes!


(Christina, a little nervous, wondering whats happening….sooo fun)

Let me start by thanking Adam & Christina for allowing me the privilege of being part of this big day (2/20/2015) for the both of you and thank you for allowing me to post this to my new website. Also, I got to meet someone from Russia! How awesome is that!? You are my first of this kind to my personal website.  Thank you so much for your business and for the blast of a time!  Congratulations to the both of you! God IS with you Christina. You guys are great together. May you love each other forever and do for each other forever.

Adam wasn’t sure what he was going to do at first…….but then he put it all together and came up with an awesome and exciting engagement proposal adventure for Christina. He did an awesome job!  

The red heart rug was the topper, I loved it!  I have to get one Adam!  :-))!

Each phase of Christina’s adventure there was something for her to experience….it was priceless.


20150220_185959 20150220_190008

We drove across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and it was hitting Christina what her day had become….she kept turning to Adam with that look of admiration and lots of love and saying ….”I’m engaged!!”

It was so awesome, the whole thing!

You guys are great!

Thank you!

Lance Greene 



Providing Directions To Your Hired Driver…

As a driver, although we drive all over Gods Little Green Acres each day, it is difficult to know every street, nook and cranny everywhere…..however we know many many of them. Sure, we have and use GPS, but personally I do not care for using GPS all the time.  I prefer to pull up a Google map and memorize where I need to go since I basically know the area anyway.

The key is, your driver most likely knows all the main roads to get very close to your actual destination, but maybe we might just need your help once in a while getting down the little side streets that jog here and there through a neighborhood. Directions at this point are appreciated and can be very helpful as gps can be distracting I feel, although I do use it if needed.

My point here is this, a suggestion to you is to please keep your directions to a minimum and limited to primarily when your driver is close to your destination.  Please do not give him/her turn by turn directions, simply provide to the driver where they need to end up.  There are reasons for this, mostly is that the professional driver is thinking about more things than just the physical address and we are thinking about different things than when you personally drive yourself to the same location, whether it is your home or business. 

What the driver thinks about:

So you have hired a driver to take you somewhere and make sure you get there easily, comfortably, safe and in style.  However, you feel compelled to provide directions even if the driver does not ask.  This is normal.

Here is the problem……

When you the customer provide directions you give them based on how you drive to the location and what you do on your way there. Professional drivers think about numerous other things and take routes based on a number of factors. Maybe you take a certain road because you stop at your favorite store, dry cleaners or coffee shop and do other errands on the way when needed.  If you/we stop along the way, you will enter the shopping area for example from a certain direction because it is simply the way you like to go.  Once you get there you park.  That is the difference….you park.  We do not.

Example: Shopping Center: You need to stop on the way to pick up some supplies for a meeting at the office which we will end up at.  You know the shopping center and you go a specific way all the time because it works for you. BUT, when you get there….again… park.  The thing is, the driver knows the shopping center location also and he/she starts their planning much before they get there.  We will most likely take a different street to get there….why?  Because we need to make sure we end up entering what ever location it is on the correct side.  Correct side you ask?  Yes.  The professional driver wants to make sure they enter on the side that has you closest to the curb when exiting the car for your safety. We do not want you to have to cross the parking lot or a lane where other vehicles are coming through.  In addition, we may go around the block instead of taking a direct street because we do not want to have to cut across traffic. It is much more efficient and safer to go around the block and come in on the proper side making all right turns.  This is also something UPS found helped safety and fuel efficiency.

Specific Roads: This may be repetitive, but again, the professional driver most likely takes a different route than you do or may be used to.  The reason is we drive the roads every day all day long.  The professional driver knows where the accidents have been that day, where the snarls have been etc and will take a different route to avoid any “possible” safety or time issues.  Many drivers will take a certain route because it suits the way we drive and also because it will possibly give you a more comfortable ride with less stop lights. We strive to go the routes with less stop and go.

Bottom line?  We appreciate the directions when we are close to an unfamiliar destination, as we cannot know all of them and we see so many.  However, we are concerned with many other things along the way and once we arrive that you may not be, so please leave the nitty gritty up to the driver.  If the driver states that they usually go a certain way, please do not say that it is much easier your way….because most likely for the driver it is not easier and not safer for you or the driver.

Bottom line?  It is the safety we are after.

Comfort and style happens when you arrive safe.

Thank you!

Thoughts & Feelings on UBER & LYFT


Hello, and thank you for stopping by to read my blog.  This is my first blog on this website.  I have done extensive blogging on other websites I own in the past and hope I can make a little difference here also.

***DISCLAIMER*** The opinions, thoughts, statements and feelings that I post on these blogs are mine (Lance Greene) and mine only. In no way, shape or form do they reflect the opinions or feelings of Bat’s Taxi & Town Car Service of St. Pete Beach, FL.

My Thoughts and Feelings on Uber & Lyft

This is a sensitive subject for many. It is pretty simple for me.

Positive competitive competition is good, negative harmful competition is bad.

Positive competition makes everyone else step up their game a bit and work harder.  Nothing wrong with that. 

It does not bother me at all that UBER & LYFT are around or trying to do business. I think it is a great concept and welcome it. Why? Because they both have a very specific clientele.  I am not after their clientele and do not desire to attract their clientele. I welcome it and also hope they step up and play by the rules or at least some of them.  

My main concern is, I believe all companies, drivers and vehicles for hire that transport people should have to go through the same Level 2 Background checks and vehicle inspections that we have to pay for and go through here in Hillsborough County and also the Police Background check that we have to go through and pay for with the St. Petersburg, FL. Police Department.

Just like any other business, when there is something new out there our current clients may go and try it out of curiosity. That is just business and the nature of people and that is perfectly alright.  I have always found, once they try the “new thing” they will typically come back.  

The “UBER APP” for smart devices is quite the app, it is impressive.  Cannot deny that.  It is obvious by all the other transportation companies trying to come up with and implement something like it.

Worth of over $40 Billion??  Why does any transportation company need to be worth THAT much?  Seems weird to me.  

In the beginning it seemed drivers were making great money ($$$).  Now I am hearing quite the opposite. If drivers are not able to make decent money then they will not be able to maintain themselves (hygiene) or their vehicles properly (which they own). That is a simple fact.  

You the customer might think you are getting a great deal/price for your ride………and you absolutely are.  The thing is, depending on where you are, your driver may be starving.  

That, is not cool……….Not Ever.

I subscribe to the “Coffeehouse” mentality……..everyone should share in the business and feel comfortable referring around.  Spread the wealth so to speak.

I have been shown what the rates are from the Tampa International Airport to St. Pete Beach, FL for UBER and I am telling you customers that those drivers are NOT making any money on those runs. THAT once again is NOT cool. Not now, not ever.  Please keep in mind, the UBER & LYFT drivers are using their own personal cars and have to maintain and service everything about that car.  In addition, ALL of us drivers typically pay for all the gasoline, car washes and roadway tolls.  

So, please, next time you hire a vehicle to take you somewhere, please keep all this in mind. It is important, very important. 

Bottom line, if the drivers are Level 2 background checked and vehicles inspected……..

Have at it UBER & LYFT! 

I welcome your competition.


Lance Greene – Professional Limo Driver – Level 2 Background Check Passed and Approved