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Going to the Straz Center, Tampa FL?

Wizard Of OZ!

Coming July 12-17, 2016

The Straz Center for the Performing Arts

I can take you there in style!

Safe – Reliable – On Time

1-7 passengers = One Rate (See Rates Page)

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Lance Greene TC#6 Mobile#: 727-288-1545




Our BATS Customers…bar none are the Best!

Just a note to state a fact

Our customers who entrust us at Bay Area Towncar Service (BATS), with the safety of their family, friends and clients, here in the Tampa Bay area…….

The BATS Customer is simply the best customer base I have ever seen in all my years of doing business, including owning my own elite limousine service in the past.

They are kind, they are professional, they are generous, and they are reasonable, they are loyal to our brand.

They are what I would like to call……


Why do you ask?

I believe it is because of the owners to begin with

They have built over 30+ years an excellent laid back culture

One that the BATS LOYAL Customers have come to know

One that the BATS LOYAL Customer appreciates

We do not compare ourselves to any other company

We are not any other company

We are BATS!

Bay Area Towncar Service (BATS)


Bay Area Taxi Service (BATS)

Experience BATS for yourselves

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5201 Gulf Blvd

St. Pete Beach, FL. 33706

 Towncar 24 hour Dispatch Line: 727-360-2820

Taxi 24 hour Dispatch Line: 727-367-3702

Lisa Loeb @ The Capitol Theatre – CLearwater FL

Lisa Loeb

(Photo from Ruth Eckerd/Capitol Theatre website)

Lisa Loeb in concert Friday 5/8/2015 @ 8:00pm

The Capitol Theatre in Clearwater FL.

CALL ME TODAY! Lance BATS TC#7: Mobile# (727)-288-1545

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24 Hour Dispatch: 727-360-2820

Fun Things To Do While in the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg/Clearwater FL Area…

Whether you live in the area, are here on business or vacation you may be looking for some ideas for Fun Things To Do. 

Here are a few ideas and BATS Towncar Service can get you there safely and in style! 

Bay Area Towncar Service (BATS)

24 Hour Dispatch: 727-360-2820

Or….if you would like to book with me you may also call me directly at: 727-288-1545.  Any of our professional drivers will provide you with safe, great service!

1) St. Petersburg Museum of History

St. Petersburg FL – 727-894-1052


2) Chihuly Collection/Hot Shop at The Morean Arts Center

St. Petersburg FL – 727-822-7872


3) The Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, FL  – 727-823-3767


4) Tampa Bay Automobile Museum

Pinellas Park FL – 727-579-8226


5) Tampa Bay Grand Prix, Clearwater FL – 727-527-8464


6) Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Clearwater FL

727-441-1790  Home to Winter & Hope



7) MOSI Science Museum, Tampa FL – 813-987-6000


8) Busch Gardens – Tampa, FL – 888-547-5447


9) Florida Aquarium, Tampa, FL – 813-273-4000


10) Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa, FL – 813-935-8552


11) Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, FL – 727-896-2667



12) Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Tampa FL – 813-627-7625


Seminole Hard Rock Casino, Tampa Florida


I went to pick up one of my regular customers at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa FL the other night at about 1:00am.  I had not been there in a while and it was fun to see the beauty of the facility.  The throngs of people coming and going never ceases to amaze me.

It was a fun night driving!

Call me for a ride! :) 



Long & Hard………

Salami Festival

Ok, so I just cannot help myself……..a customer I picked up the other day was “pranked” and sent me the video from YouTube……They asked her to help them find the Salami Festival at the corners of Long and Hard!  lololol……the way she told the story was hilarious! The video is funny but my customers telling of the prank on her was even more hilariously funny!

Here it is:

Easter Brunch @ The Birchwood Inn St. Pete, FL

Call today to reserve a chauffeur driven car for your Easter Dinner April 5th, 2015!
Lance at: 727-288-1545 (Personal Direct Cell Phone)
BATS Line at: 727-360-2820 (Tell them Lance TC#7 told you!)

***Click on the poster below to go to the Birchwood Inn Website***




Lincoln Town Car (1-4 passengers)

(Seats 2-3 most comfortably)


Or Full Size Suburban for 1-7 passengers too!


Firestone Grand Prix 2015 – St. Petersburg FL

First of all, my congrats goes out to…….. 

Juan Pablo Montoya wins Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg

On Saturday 3/28/2015 I was blessed with the opportunity to pu a Media representative at the Tampa International Airport and bring him to the Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.  MAN I loved it!

I got to go inside the pit areas where all the cars, trucks, drivers etc were.

In a word….awesome!

I could have spent all day there, but I simply could not as I had other customers to pick up. But while I was there I grabbed a couple pics!

The St. Petersburg Police were helpful as always! Thank you!



The Privilege Was All Mine

One day last week, I received an order to pickup a named female at a specific address and take her to the airport. When I called her to touch base I could hear in her voice that she was under stress. She instructed me to pick her up on a specific corner & cross street. When ever that takes place it is always a red flag to some degree. Either way, it raises our senses.

I arrived at the corner and seen no one. I looked down the street as I pulled up and seen a female standing 2 blocks down. I went to that location and sure enough it was my customer.

She picked up her bags and we placed them in the trunk.  I could see in her eyes that she was tired and stressed…..sad mostly. As she got into my car the rest unfolded.

She had come to Florida to start anew.  Bottomline, it did not work out and the situation was far from pleasant.

As we drove she began to cry…to sob. I felt bad for her as I could relate to her feelings as I have been there too many times in the past myself.

Sooooo, I exchanged my horror stories with her and let her know that it happens to men too.


I assured her she will find the “one” she is looking for as I did…and if I did, she sure will.  She just has to pray for it and be extremely specific in what she desires.

During the rest of our ride to the airport we laughed and laughed…we laughed hard and over and over again.  She laughed at the pleasure of hearing the misery of my past….I laughed just as hard along with her.

I could now see in my rear view mirror that she was laughing so much she was crying from that!  LOLOL

When we got to the airport, she thanked me for the ride…..told me she could not believe how calm she now was, because of how bad she felt while waiting for me to pick her up…….calm, she was now calm…..she then thanked me again and gave me a hug…….yep…..gave me a hug……….

So evidently she had an awesome ride………and so did I.…….

The Privilege Was All Mine!

Jesus once again protecting and directing. Thank you for allowing me to be a small part of an awesome day.